Raidlight Endurance Pack


This is the old version of the raidlight endurance pack. My previous running packs were Camelback’s but they never seemed to get the weight right around my shoulders. I bought this from Amazon UK for half of what the best packs are selling for at the moment and I’m loving it. I could get carried away with how much it can hold and I’ve had to start weighing the pack before I’m happy with what it’s holding. The compression straps are just right to keep everything from moving around inside. The extra pocket on the outside for a water bladder can be used for other things if needed. The elastic side pockets are deep and I’ve been using them for my walking poles and gloves. Raidlight also supply a front pouch that can be added to the front to provide extra storage that’s right in front of you so you don’t have to take off the pack for essentials. So many pockets that can lure you into filling all of them for no reason. As with most of my kit. It’s not the best and it’s definitely not the most expensive but it does exactly what I want.

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