Nike+ Sportswatch


The Nike+  sports watch was my first gps, heart rate, cadence monitor recording device. For someone who knew very little about all that data at the beginning, this watch was fun and the Nike+ website was simple and very straight forward to use for a complete novice. You plug it in, it updates its software, it downloads your run, it congratulates you on achievements and finally compares you to the rest of the Nike+ community to give you a little boost.


The display lights up when tapped. In standby mode it can act as a watch for over a week.


It’s not the thinnest gps watch out there but for my skinny wrists it suited me well.
My husband is now using this as I’ve only managed to get 4 hours of battery life during a run. Perfect for everything up to a half marathon or a fast marathon but for slow me that wasn’t long enough.
This is a fabulous first timer GPS watch and as it’s been out for a few years they’re fairly cheap too.

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