Garmin 310xt


This is my main GPS tracker purchased purely because Garmin stated the battery life could last 20 hours. I’m no fan of Garmin but this gps watch has been impressing me since I got my hands on it.
Going from something as simple as the Nike+  sports watch to something very technical took a lot of grumbling, swearing, random button pressing, manual reading, garmin forum board reading and finally skipping around joy as it finally does what I want and more.


To begin with I only used it to record my run. I then found out it can record cycling and other sports.
I could change the data being recorded on the watch. It can be a personal trainer and bleep wildly at me if I’m not running fast enough or I’m running to fast – as if!!!! – the calorie alert feature is my favourite at the moment. Too many things to choose from.
The Garmin site isn’t the best for encouraging novice runners but the ability to load the data into all manner of other sites like Endomondo, Runkeeper, Nike+, Map my Run, Strava and more means I could choose a site that works for me and what I want.
Since getting the 310xt I’ve seen it more and more on peoples wrists. Unfortunately the price has gone up since I got mine and because of its popularity it may not be around the £100 mark until an equally good gps watch replaces it. Until then I’m using mine until it falls to bits


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