Inov-8 Debrigaiter


I’m new to using debris gaiters. I’ve had all manner of mud, small pebbles and grass find its way into my trail shoes and thought that’s just the way it was.


Only after seeing a photo of the amazing Marvellous Mimi sporting some kind of cover or socks over her shoes did I start to question why! There must be something I can find to cover the top of my trail shoes to stop all that debris getting in!!!
I was so impressed with my first pair of Inov-8 Debrigaiters that I got myself some more.
The soft sock at the top is lovely against my skin. The elastic to clip under the sole of my shoes doesn’t get in the way and is fairly easy to remove when my shoes were blocks of mud! I got so confident that I wouldn’t be digging out pebbles, grass and other muddy items from my shoes that I relished stomping through the thickest mud pits that I would have avoided without them.
Who knew!! Well I didn’t until I saw Mimi sporting some desert debris gaiters.

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