Inov-8 Trailroc 255


I got these from the endurance store at the Lakeland 50 event July 2013. I wasn’t expecting to use them on the day but for some reason my other Inov-8’s were irritating the bridge of my foot. They were the only other trail shoes I had with me and they felt so comfy I didn’t expect them to stay feeling comfy through everything I’ve tried with them since.


There’s very little cushioning in the sole but it’s solid enough to keep rocks poking through to my foot. The grip is just enough, it would be nice to have more but I’m not sure it would work well.


I really enjoy wearing these. Running through water isn’t an issue with these as they drain so quickly. I may have to try other socks with them but the ones I’m using (more miles) work well for me. The laces are easy to undo through thick mud. They’re easy to clean – this is what they look like when they’ve had a quick wash with warm water after being completely caked with mud. One thing I would recommend is storing them in a cloth bag when they’re not being used. The cloth bag let’s the shoes breath and keep them perfectly dry.


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