Montane Featherlite Pants


My first pair of featherlites from Montane. Now I will admit. I thought I was getting myself lightweight waterproof pants. So let’s get this clear before I go any further. These are shower proof and will dry out very very quickly if they do get completely soaked. They do repel water for a little while but no. They are NOT waterproof.


But….. After saying that I have been wearing these on a lot of wet and muddy days because they breath beautifully and they’re windproof which keeps my legs lovely and warm. The mud I’ve been through recently had just rinsed off with very little fuss. No scrubbing required.


I’ve refined my technique on packing them away. I can get them packed away at about the size of a medium sized apple.


The wide bottoms make them easy to get on and off with shoes on and the Velcro tabs help to create a snug fit around the calf.


Plus for someone like me who does not have that skinny ultra look (yet!) They fit very nicely around my thighs and bum
Lastly. These are not the cheap option and it shows.

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