Raidlight Olmo 12L


This is the Raidlight Olmo 12L. Purchased because I liked the look of it online.
This is one of those occasions where it looked prettier online than it does in the flesh. It seemed to sit just right on those muscled up models didn’t it. Maybe I’m too used to my Raidlight Endurance pack.


I haven’t been out in it yet but it has more room than my 15L endurance pack. More pockets too!! My nemesis – just because there’s a pocket, does not mean it has to contain some unnecessary item on a long run!
Judgement will be reserved for when I’ve taken this pretty white pack out on a long run.

I love it I love it I love it I love it!!!!!
Well, I love it after wearing it for an hour and taking it on a slow run. It sat just right, it moved with my body and the weight distribution was strangely spot on. I replaced the solid bottles with Salomon bladder bottles which worked a treat. Now I just need to try it with the hydration bladder in the main pack to see if that makes the pack sit any differently.
I now have two raidlight packs that just seem to work. I’m still wondering why it’s so difficult to get raidlight packs in the UK. Hmmmm

LAST UPDATE – I took this pack for a good long, hard 50 mile run. It was very comfortable up until mile 30. That’s when the waist strap, that didn’t want to stay around my waist, started irritating the hell out of my lower rib cage. I would have liked to have the pack a but more snug as it was moving around on my back, thankfully the running top I was wearing prevented any chafing.
Those were the only bad points.
The good points – I had easy access to everything I needed. I could monitor my water intake very effectively. The pack felt very comfy across my shoulders which can be a problem with other packs I’ve tried.
Very pleased with what I’ve got. đŸ˜‰
Here’s a picture of me with the pack fully loaded. You can see the waist strap doesn’t quite sit on my waist haha!!


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