Liquid Grip


Yes, I do use this for running. On my feet. I need to explain myself don’t I. During my first 50 mile ultra I was suffering from some pretty cool blisters on the arch of my foot and around my toes. Around 30 miles we stopped at a check point and this guy was taking his socks off and putting powder on his feet, putting what looked like plaster tape on his feet in odd places and then putting socks and shoes back on. Curious me quizzed the poor guy who explained he was using chalk and zink oxide tape. Chalk??? Why would your feet need chalk? I could understand the tape to help with the hot spots but not the chalk. Well it appeared to work for him so after the ultra I started looking for chalk to put on my feet. Could I find any? NO!!! Who uses chalk anyway? Climbers! So I started looking on websites aimed at climbers and sure enough – chalk. But none came powdered. But I did find this


Liquid grip or liquid chalk. It reduces sweating and helps with grip. My theory after finding this was that if I applied this stuff to my feet, the socks would stick to my feet and there would be no rubbing or friction because I would  effectively have a giant soft plaster stuck to my foot.


This is what liquid chalk looks like out of the bottle.


A quick rub down and the liquid chalk is now dry and very tacky feeling. Putting on a sock over this is challenging!
I still get the occasional blister but no heel blisters and no blisters on the side of my feet which are the most painful places to get blisters!! For me at least.
One extra bonus to liquid chalk I’ve noticed is the protection given to my feet when they’ve been drenched in soggy wet muddy socks for hours. My feet still look fairly normal – muddy but normal. Not feet that have been soaking in damp, wet conditions for hours on end.
Liquid chalk – not just for climbers!

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