More mile San Diego Socks


When I first started running I had no problems with my feet. I wasn’t running for more than an hour and my focus was on getting shoes that could support my weak feet. Then I started increasing my distance and I started suffering from blisters and hot spots on my feet. I blamed the shoes, who wouldn’t. I then started looking for different socks and found these after much  experimentation with other brands.


The soft heel and toe padding is very nice against the foot, even after 13.2 miles. The sole of the sock has various padding patterns, I’m not sure what they do either. The top of the sock is very lightweight and let’s the foot breath from there. Makes the sock a little uncomfortable in hot weather. I still get blisters but no where near as much as I did.


I’ve not found a sock that likes my feet as much as these. Doesn’t mean I’ll stop looking though.

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