Camelbak Octane LR


My second Camelbak hydration pack. I got this one because I needed more pockets to carry more equipment as I was running longer distances. Batteries, lights, maps, route instructions, waterproofs and more.


This Camelbak holds up to a 3ltr lumbar the hydration bladder across the lumbar or waist region which made it a very comfortable pack to run with.
Two very big waist pockets and two very big pockets that sat on the shoulder blades


I could fit a fair amount of kit into those pockets. Just below the shoulder pockets was an open mesh pocket for even more kit. I really liked this pack for its storage space.


The spongy mesh material lines the inside of the pack which works better with technical t-shirts. The chest strap had some elastic but not loads and the waist strap has no elastic more adjustment options due to the water pack sitting on the waist.
There’s a mesh pocket on one of the shoulder straps which I couldn’t get on with as it’s right under my elbow when the pack is on.


A very good long distance hydration pack with loads of storage space.
I’ve not used this one for nearly a year now so maybe it needs a new home.

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