Camelbak Octane xct


My first hydration running pack. So very easy to get on with and holds the water from between the shoulder blades down the spine. The side pockets are very easy to access and can carry quite a bit and one pocket has a nice loop to attach any keys I had.


The body of the pack is a spongy mesh material that worked better with a technical T-shirt. The waist strap and chest strap had no elastic in them which made the pack feel like it was tight at times.  The elastic mesh pocket on the shoulder strap never really got used as it was right by my elbow when the pack was on. I mostly stored used gel packets there.


There’s an additional pocket on top of the pack. Very handy for a first aid kit or something similar. The elastic cords below the pocket held coats or windproofs really nicely.


The opening to get the hydration bag into was very wide which made getting the flexible bag of water in and out an easy job. A big enough space in there to hold a 2ltr or 3ltr bag which hangs on the loop at the top of the pocket.


A very nice pack that I’ve not used for over a year now. So if anyone wants it. Let me know.

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