Salomon Skin Lab 12L


This pack is usually found in the colours black and red. When I was investigating this pack on the Salomon web site I saw this blue version but couldn’t find it in a UK shop. At the time the only one I had seen in the flesh was one a friend had managed to buy (black & red). She found it very comfortable with its fitted vest like fitting. It managed to fit everything required so that thought stuck in my head.
Eventually I found one. Not that colour is more important than form. A bright colour is easy to see and follow. Most packs are black or grey and in the interest of being seen whilst out on the trails I prefer the bright colours. I’m not being hunted or trying to hide so I’m not sure why most trail packs are in such dark colours! Anyway, I digress!!
This is a medium large vest. This pack comes in three sizes. I’m not a slight, skinny runner. I’m a well muscled, slightly overweight runner. The medium large fits very nicely. First impressions are – I need to practice packing this bad boy. I’ve put my required kit in twice but it doesn’t feel right – yet!! There’s a limited amount of room for kit so you really need to be sure of what you need and be very happy with those choices. For a newbie ultra runner this is proving to be a learning curve. With each long run I take part in I understand more of what is required and pack accordingly.

View of the front. Even though the straps seem a bit lob sided they do feel very secure and even once it’s on.

So many pockets!!!!! MUST NOT FILL THEM ALL!!

Pack filled and bottles filled. It all sits very comfortably. As you can see I’m still comfortably padded so waist belts can be a bit of a nuisance.

A very snug fit. By the looks of it there’s still room to put more stuff!!

Doesn’t sit to high on the shoulders, which is nice.
So, I will report back when I’ve had a chance to break this one in. Everything is bagged up because this pack is not, I repeat not, waterproof in any way. Not sure if this is good or bad. I’ll find out sooner or lateit
7 miles, trail/exploratory run, sunny day. I had spare base layers, food, water proofs, first aid kit, bivvy, map, etrex, 3 soft flask bottles. I had to change around the front straps to get them comfortable across my chest. There was very little movement from the pack. I still had pockets to fill. I was curious as to where I would stash my etrex when I wasn’t using it but found I could easily reach the rear elasticated pocket that runs along the back of the pack easily.
I’m very pleased with the purchase. Time will tell if all the elasticated pockets with last though.

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