Ultimate Direction Women’s Hydration Pack: ULTRA VESTA

I wasn’t sure about this little pack. I’m not your usual skinny ultra fit runner and every picture of this pack is modeled on those ultra fit runners.
Note to advertisers – use medium and large models to show how kit fits those of us who are not ultra lean machines. Yes it’s lovely to see those ultra fit models but is mere mortals would like to see how kit fits peeps like us. There, I said it! Moving on……

Here’s my pack. It’s small. Very small. But saying that I was able to get the essentials in there without much fuss at all. First aid kit – my large everything first aid kit – head torch, bobble hat, gloves, poncho, emergency blanket, GoPro, shot blocks gels, route instructions, batteries, etrex and lastly my car key haha!! There was still room left but for the essentials this pack does the job nicely.


Main back pocket

Here is the main back pocket. There are some handy elasticated straps in there to keep things secure. Handy if you wanted to put a hydration pouch in there. There’s some handy holes near the top of the pack to feed through the drinking tube.


The other main pocket sits on top of the first but opens on the left side. That’s my cap tucked snugly in there.


Last of the pockets on the back is this handy one at the top. This one has a handy clip to hold onto keys. It was big enough to hold my head torch and the route instructions I used for my latest run. Very nice size πŸ™‚


I’m not sure what these elasticated loops are for. They look about right to hold walking poles. The position is at the bottom of the pack.


These adjustable straps on the side are very handy. Very adjustable but would have been better with a little stretch. They’re difficult to adjust when the pack is on. If you’re a runner who keeps your elbows in then these will rub. Thankfully I’m all elbows out unless I’m walking so the straps aren’t an issue.


Of the two front pockets the right one zips up. It’s large enough for a small mobile and a few other small bits and sits right below the breast (yes, I said breast, haha)


The left front pocket has no zip. It’s kept closed by Velcro – not the best choice for the pocket. Makes putting gloves in there a nightmare. So I stuck all my quick snacks in there.


The bottles are curved at the back and fit in two pockets that sit on the top of the breasts.


There’s also these handy elasticated loops to stop the bottles escaping. I had reservations about how well these would sit considering I have some puppy control issues but I was very impressed with how comfortable they felt.


And lastly – some more handy elasticated loops. Not sure what I would attach to these as they would be at the top/front of my shoulders, near my neck.
For the few times I’ve worn this neat little pack I’ve found it perfectly comfortable and unobtrusive.
The only downsides are – the sloshing water bottles. Slosh, slosh, slosh, slosh!!!! Ugh!! Yeah, I know that’s being picky! Then there’s that pocket with the Velcro on. Why? What was it’s purpose? Why was Velcro better than a zip for this pocket. It’s a smaller pocket for no real good reason and my OCD for symmetry really REALLY wants it to be a zipped pocket like it’s pal on the right. Oh well.
Lastly – this could be just a tinsy bit bigger. Not much, just a tiny bit πŸ˜‰
So for the non elite runner, this jazzy little pack is a lovely fit as long as you don’t run with your elbows tucked in.
Hope you enjoyed the review.
Keep on running

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