Garmin 620


Received as a lovely LOVELY pressie from my husband this watch has been used extensively to help me with training.  My 310xt has not been resigned to the dusty shelf.  Oh no!  It’s now reserved for long runs, cycle rides and brick sessions.

Compared to my 310xt this watch is much lighter and feels more like a conventional watch.  It even acts like one when not in use – The watch switches to powersave mode when no activity has been started.  The wait time for switching to powersave mode can be changed as well.  Its default is 10 minutes but you can extend this to 30 minutes.

The watch has four buttons – on/off, time/run, start/stop, wifi connect.  Then there’s the touch screen – which at first I thought would be an issue but wow!  Sooooo many options.



I could list all its functions on here but I know I’ve not even scratched the surface of what this thing can do.  For a real in depth review – which I’ve found to be awesomely all bells and whistles review of a gadget – this site is my first stop


Finally the view of the back.  Nice and neat.

I’ve been using this watch to help with my workouts.  It takes a little while to figure out what’s need and knowing your pace is helpful to begin with but not necessary.  Design the workout in Garmin Connect, send it to the watch, get my kit on, select workout and bleep bleep vs me cursing for the next 30 minutes or so.  No stop watch, no watching the clock – different toned beeps let you know if you’re too fast or too slow.  A countdown beep to let you know you’re going into the next section of the workout.  No pressing buttons – it’s all bleeps.

Garmin Connect workouts

The battery life varies.  On workouts it will run out of juice in about 3 hours if you have a workout with lots of pace notifications.  On a normal, just gps recording, no sensors, no bluetooth – I’ve managed to get nearly 7 hours out of it.  More than enough for most marathons.

One thing that bugs me though.  This is purely a running watch.  Yes you can use it for cycling but it will record as though you are running.  The activity can then be changed after its been uploaded to Garmin Connect.  That means for a brick session I have to end the workout and start another.  I’m hoping to save some pennies for the 920xt which works in the same way as my 310xt but with all the jazzy functionality of the 620 reviewed here.  Mmmmmmm gadgets…….

Lastly – the bluetooth functionality of this watch is awesome!! Not only does it upload workouts wirelessly but you can download workouts to the watch as well.  Plus – you can do live tracking online.  Which makes a night time run alone not so alone anymore.  My husband can watch online where I am and if I’m in trouble – instead of trying to figure out where I am he already has that information.  I really like that option.

Hope you’ve enjoyed my ramblings of my gps watch.


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